Welcome to MTO® Persian School in London. We are the UK branch of the largest international Persian school outside Iran with over 16 centres throughout Europe, America and Canada. Our London branch is located in Highgate in north London.

Our Persian language classes range from year 1 to year 6. The minimum entry age is 6 years and it goes up to 13 years old. Teaching Persian (Farsi) is our primary goal where we focus on the fundamentals of Persian language in speaking, writing, grammar and its different applications.

In order to gain a deeper and wider knowledge of the language, students become aware with terminologies of maths and science including numeracy in Persian. Additionally, we endeavour to familiarise our students with Iranian culture and traditions.

Through our events and teaching materials, we incorporate aspects of the Persian arts, music, traditions. historical sites, poets, regional accents and costumes and much more.

Our teachers are UK qualified and have extensive experience in teaching Persian. We use books that have been especially designed and cater for students living outside of Iran. Students learn Persian as their second language through a range of techniques such as interactive whiteboard and stage performance.

Our aim is also for all our students to achieve their best in education. Our course contents in year 4 to 6 are specifically designed to prepare students to partake initially in GCSE Persian and eventually in A-level Persian. These curses will help them further on their career choices when applying for university. Every year students are assessed at the end of each term in order to move up to the upper level in the following academic year.

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This includes our role as ‘data controllers’ for the information we hold on our students, their parents as well as our staff. Privacy Policy

The school building

The school building: This has the benefits of a large building consisting of four floors. For safety of our students we have a full time security gaurd on site during school operation hours.

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The canteen

Our school has a large and brand new canteen where delicious homemade hot and cold food is served. warm sandwiches: koukou sabzi, kotlet, tongue, brain, sausage Cold sandwiches: olovieh, chicken & mushroom, kalbas Soup of the day: soup jo (barley), […]

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Car Park

Car Park: No more worries about driving around and looking for a parking space. The school has its own large car park with a capacity for 70 cars.

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The Playground

The Playground: There is a 43 by 24 metre playground for the students to play and run around during their breaks. When the weather is warm and sunny, lunch is served in the fresh air in the playground where parents […]

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