Welcome to MTO ® Persian School in London. We are part of the largest international Persian School in the west with over 16 centres throughout Europe, America and Canada. The school is located in Highgate in north London. Our classes range from year 1 to year 5 (age 6 to age 13) which can then be followed up to GCSE and ‘A’ Level at MTO College ® .

We also provide classes for bilingual students as well as those who simply want to brush up on their Persian language skills.

Our teachers are UK qualified and have extensive experience in teaching Persian. We use  books that have been especially designed and cater for students living outside of Iran. students learn Persian as their second language with the most advanced techniques.

Our students not only learn the fundamentals of Persian language: speaking, writing, grammar ant its different applications; they also learn about Persian culture, arts, historical sites, poets and scholars in literature as well as Persian traditions and customs. In order to gain a deeper and wider knowledge of the language, they become familiar with numeracy, the terms and terminologies of maths and science in Persian. Students are assessed at the end of each term and upon finishing the required level in the last term, they move up to the upper level in the following academic year.

Interactive White Boards (IWB)

Interactive White Boards (IWB): In addition to computer and internet access, each class is equipped with IWB for which our teachers are undergoing training to be able to use this facility in their teaching.

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Computers/Internet Access

Computers/Internet Access: As part of our teaching, all teachers have access to a computer and internet in their classrooms, for teaching and research purposes to enhance class learning when required.

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