Partnership with Parents

Parent-teacher correspondence booklet (PTCB); at the beginning of every academic year, each student is given a personal PTCB by which parents and teachers can be in constant communication about the progress of the child or other related issues which might be of concern to the parent or teacher. Parents are strongly advised to make use of this booklet and check and sign it on a weekly basis. This booklet does not, of course, substitute the one-to-one contact that parents may wish to have with the teachers any time before and after the lessons.

Extra-curricular activities; we recognise the value of parental help and support in every sphere of the school’s activity. This help is especially noticeable in the preparation for the school’s Youth Day celebration, in which parents may help us in creating traditional costumes for the children’s performances, bake delicious traditional Iranian sweets and cakes, or even help in training the children to learn certain regional accents of Iran to perform in the school’s play.

Home reading; we have started a home/school reading scheme where each child will regularly bring home a story book in Farsi. They are encouraged to read the book during the course of the week (with parental support if necessary) and return the book to school the following week and share what they have read with the class. We are proud of our library which is quickly expanding, especially with the support and donations of the parents. Students may not have much free time; however, we strongly encourage them to take advantage of this scheme if it only means reading one page a week.