About us

MTO Persian School, Learn Persian, GCSE, A level Persian Language

MTO ® Persian School
We are part of the largest international Persian School in the west with over 16 centres throughout Europe, America and Canada. Our London branch is located in Highgate in north London.

Our classes range from year 1 to year 6. Minimum age is 6 up to 13 years old.
MTO ® Persian School was first established with a handful of students in 1985. The number of students has gradually been increasing where we have had six generations of children who have gone through the primary years of Farsi education with us.

The school building

28th Jun 2018

The school building: This has the benefits of a large building consisting of four floors. For safety of our students we have a full time security gaurd on site during school operation hours.

The canteen

4th Jun 2018

Our school has a large and brand new canteen where delicious homemade hot and cold food is served. warm sandwiches: koukou sabzi, kotlet, tongue, brain, sausage Cold sandwiches: olovieh, chicken & mushroom, kalbas Soup of the day: soup jo (barley), […]

Car Park

3rd Jun 2018

Car Park: No more worries about driving around and looking for a parking space. The school has its own large car park with a capacity for 70 cars.

The Playground

3rd Jun 2018

The Playground: There is a 43 by 24 metre playground for the students to play and run around during their breaks. When the weather is warm and sunny, lunch is served in the fresh air in the playground where parents […]

Interactive White Boards (IWB)

4th Aug 2017

Interactive White Boards (IWB): In addition to computer and internet access, each class is equipped with IWB for which our teachers are undergoing training to be able to use this facility in their teaching.

Assembly Hall

4th Aug 2012

Assembly Hall: Some lovely memories are associated with this hall and of the students’ annual celebration; it is where the students gather once a month for their assembly and where they receive awards.